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Two long years of waiting

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

Well it’s been nearly two years since we decided to gig as a duo and of course because of COVID that hadn’t happened until NOW .(June 2022)

We actually spent the last year of lockdown playing lots and lots of Zoom sessions all over the UK and even further afield in Florida and Alaska etc which definitely helped us a lot in trialling songs and building a bit of a fan base.

Once all the COVID restriction were lifted and we were all left to get on with it we decided to slowly dip our toes back into the gigging world. So in June we played our very first live, face to face gig at the Boars Bridge festival down in Basingstoke. Everything went very well and we had a great time, also managing to pickup another couple of gigs for 2023……very happy we are :-)

We then moved on to playing a few songs at the Royston folk club, which again went well and again we picked up another couple of gig promises for the future :-)

The next time we play live will be in August at the Moira Furnace folk festival, so really looking forward to that. Hope to see a few of you there.

All the best and above all stay safe

Ray & Anna (Bass & Taylor)

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