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Gig Diary

                          *Updated 16th July 2024*


                                          Gigs 2024

Hoy at Anchor Tuesday 23rd January 2024

Four Rivers Folk Club, Hertford, Wed 14th February 2024

Loughton Folk Club Thursday 28th March 2024

Baldock Folk Club Wednesday 8th May 2024

Bracknell Folk Club Tuesday 18th June 2024

Boars Bridge Festival 30th June 2024 

Moira Furnace Festival  15th August 2024 (Folk club stage 19:30)

Moira Furnace Festival 16th August 2024 (main stage 18:55)

Four Rivers Folk Club 11th September 2024

Glenfarg folk club, Scotland. 23rd September 2024

Quarter folk club Scotland, Tuesday 24th September 2024

Seaton Sluice , Northumberland 26th Sept 2024   Private house concert

Ripon folk club 27th September 2024

Anchor Folk Club Thursday 21st November 202


                                           Gigs 2025

Maidenhead Folk Club Thursday 20th March 2025

Banbury Folk Club Wednesday 18th June 2025

West Somerset Folk Festival 21st- 22nd June 2025

So What Do We Sound Like?Bass & Taylor
00:00 / 04:03
Whats Being Said

Marion Treby
Cambridge Folk Club
March 2023


Bass & Taylor new cd "Blue Water" A great selection of thoughtful songs, beautifully arranged.

A New Beginning

Back to being a duo for Anna and Ray

and very much enjoying the simplicity of it.

Look out for them playing near you ........

Folk Music Artists

“Had the audience singing

along right from the start”

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